With Pith

Ethan Petuchowski

Paxos as a Classroom

multi-paxos as a classroom:
teacher := proposer
students := acceptors
all := learners

teacher to students:
    may I have your attention for the next 1:15 hrs?
    I'd like to teach youz guys all about "the paxos protocol"
    here is what I'm assuming you already know

each student to teacher:
    if not already busy for that time:
        yes, here's how much I actually already know about paxos
        my apologies, but I will be busy skimming facebook for the next 1:15
        so if there's something you want to tell me, post it on there

teacher to each student:
    given how far behind you are, these are the things you need to catch up on
    but also this is what I'm teaching now

each (alive & correct) student to teacher:
    oh very cool!
    this is how much I now understand of all the stuff you've said

    if the majority understands more than before:
        set new start point for next time's lesson