With Pith

Ethan Petuchowski



My hope is that this website shall become a place where stuff I’ve been up to and thinking about gets documented. The plan is for it to also have tutorials on how to do things, especially if I could not find a good explanation for myself. I’m a man of few words, so it may start out a little forced and certainly not well written; that’s okay though.


For the formatting of this blog, I have chosen octopress because it is quite simple to integrate with username.github.io or Heroku, and the code-formatting quality built-in looks pretty top-notch. So far I’m liking it because it took very little effort to set up. Although now I’ve got all the default styling in place, I imagine it’s very customizable for when that’s what I want to do.

Going forward

So here’s what I plan to put on here:

  1. Stuff I made/am making
  2. Stuff I learned/am learning
  3. How-to do-cool-stuff
  4. I don’t know

I’m a bit worried I’ll just start spouting opinions about what I like and what I don’t like, but I will do my best to avoid devolving to that, though it’s surprisingly hard to stay away from that. Instead, I’d like to keep it as substantive/informative as I can.